AJINOMOTO Cooking Studio – one among the major projects in 2017

With the aim to conduct researches and improvements in F&B culture of Vietnam, also in order to inspire the passion for cooking to every household and every citizen in the country, as well as to boost connection with consumers, Cooking Studio is a strategic project with significantly high invesment and expectation from AJINOMOTO Vietnam Group

After reviewing BETHODA’s expertise and performance during 8 years of collaboration, with the accomplishment of two major projects: Long Thanh Factory and Head Office at King Building, Hanoi and many more branch offices all over the country, AJINOMOTO Board of Directors has once again entrusted us with this huge investment. The project was initially announced to be valued over $ 1 million and to be constructed in strict quality criteria and a tight 3- month deadline for both designing and constructing. This was, without doubt a challenge that not every interior contractor has the gut and capability to take charge of. As below is a review of the whole progress of AJINOMOTO Cooking Studio.

 Designing initial layout  

Followed by a presentation to clients on these ideas

Proceed to make adjustments according to clients’ requests and feedback


As soon as the contract was signed, BETHODA Team without any delay, dispatched the most experienced personnel to Hanoi to prepare pre-construction stage. Bearing the heavy workload and tight deadline, every member of the team underwent an average of 10 to 12 working hours per day. The Project Management Board has paid the most meticulous attention to every aspect and detail of the project, extra workforce was sentout whenever needed in order to assure construction progress. Three weeks before the deadline, the number of Site Managers has been doubled, from 2 to 4 in order to meet the deadline as well as quality requirements.


(A few details and changes not included in the design have been constructed in the progress to improve  final quality )

The accomplishment of this project is the result of the unceasing efforts of every member throughout different Departments in BETHODA Team. The Grand Opening of AJINOMOTO Cooking Studio was attended by Mr. Hiroharu Motohashi, General Director of AJINOMOTO Vietnam together with many other important guests.

A big congratulations for AJINOMOTO Vietnam and BETHODA JSC for another succesful interior project, boosting the cooperative relationship between the two parties.


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