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Training for on-site construction execute solution In the Conditions of Epidemic Prevention

In the actual situation, Bethoda JSC is making a on-site construction training course for execution team in terms of epidemic prevention on the construction on-site. With keep going to restoring and developing the construction activities of company in the next time [...]

Comfort & Sustainability in Architecture – Trends 2021

The effects of global warming are already being felt in our own homes. In addition, many people have to take a lot of time to stay at home by Covid-19 pandemic. There are more and more design concept trend that was not only focus life-space of people but also really the natural environment, nowadays. An architectural design that does not consider its repercussions on a local and global scale, and […]

Covid 19 in VietNam – Wave Four

On May 2021, Covid-19 pandemic kicked back, the Wave Four full swing as the number of cases of community transmission rose suddenly and grew quickly. Many pandemic preventions was promulgated quickly and strongly to control the community transmission by the government of HCMC

Apple Park – the standing working space

 In the early 2018, the new headquarter of the prevalent, bitten – apple – symbolized brand, Apple Park, has been brought into operation even though completion rate had yet to reach 100%. This project’s value has been announce to reach 5 billion US Dollar, a place that optimizes the utilization of sun energy and green space. Apple Park from above  What is so special about Apple Park does not only […]

Ajinomoto Cooking Studio – one year after completion

This same period of the previous year witnessed the official completion of Cooking Studio project by AJINOMOTO CORP in Hanoi. This is the first one in the strategically innovative chain of projects, which is planned for implementation throughout Vietnam and neighbouring countries. The project was conducted from A to Z by BETHODA JSC, with a progress of 30 days for design and 75 days for manufacturing & construction. The total […]

One-way kitchen project by the Japanese Gorvernment and Ajinomoto Corporation in Lang Son

In the early December 2017, the Japanese Government has signed a contract sponsoring the construction of the model kitchen of this kind in Hoang Van Thu elementary school, Lang Son Province. This is a part of the Project chain named School Meals, initiated by Ajinomoto Vietnam, the Ministry of Education and Training and the National Institute of Nutrition. ‘School Meals’ is a project of national scale, which aims to contribute […]

Construction work during the ending period of the Lunar New Year

This period - start of 2018 and ending days of the Lunar 2017 is probably the busiest duration for construction contractors and their related partners. Simply because almost every investor and client tend to push constructing progress in order to put the venue into business before Tet (especially for tourism, hospitality and F&B), or instant operation after Tet holiday (offices)

World’s ten popular interior designs for restaurants

Experts have pointed out that world’s most popular interior design can contribute to the efficiency of their projects much more significanly than many of us can imagine. Similarly to Food & Beverage Industry in which taste and decoration of the dishes can help to distinguish one brand from the others, a unique interior setup on the media can be one among the main factorings deciding why customers choose to come […]

AJINOMOTO Cooking Studio – one among the major projects in 2017

With the aim to conduct researches and improvements in F&B culture of Vietnam, also in order to inspire the passion for cooking to every household and every citizen in the country, as well as to boost connection with consumers, Cooking Studio is a strategic project with significantly high invesment and expectation from AJINOMOTO Vietnam Group After reviewing BETHODA’s expertise and performance during 8 years of collaboration, with the accomplishment of two major […]