Apple Park – the standing working space

 In the early 2018, the new headquarter of the prevalent, bitten – apple – symbolized brand, Apple Park, has been brought into operation even though completion rate had yet to reach 100%. This project’s value has been announce to reach 5 billion US Dollar, a place that optimizes the utilization of sun energy and green space.

Apple Park from above

 What is so special about Apple Park does not only lie on its tremendous structure and capital invesment, but also in its wicked while creative use of interior items. Apple Park has recently been equipped with chairs valued at $1200/ item, supplied by Vitra. Interestingly, these chairs are complete NOT comfortable to sit on, hence, their users have to frequently stand up and move around instead of sitting still at one place.

The not – for -sitting chairs, priced at $1200 each at Apple Park

 This is a part of a campaign to protect staffs’ health, initiated by Tim Cook – the CEO. Tim has also added working tables with adjustable height, simply done by a pressing a couple of buttons on the surface. Apple Park, as a result, is converted to a standing workplace. According to recent researches, people who sit still on their office chairs during the whole day possess significant potentials for numerous chronic diseases, including cancer. Meanwhile at Apple Park, staffs are recorded to usually indulge themselves in their tasks for hours without standing up from their chairs, which is regarded as extremely harmful in the long run.

 In addition, internal common areas and coffee corners are also equipped with chairs priced at $2500, designed by Naoto Fukasawa. Many tables are made from 18 ft long oak bars, fully customised.

Internal view at Apple Park

Height – adjusting buttons on table surface

 The majority of staffs at Apple Park are using Apple Watch, a product integrated with a function which reminds the user to stand up after cetain sitting period in 2015. It is evident that Apple has equipped themselves with early appropriate understanding about how to ensure a well-maintained health for the team of staffs, and more importantly, they took the action.