Warranty & maintenance after a project finishes is one among crucial factors that define the differences in quality between interior contractors. Inappropriate service performance in this phrase is a a common problem that exists in many contractors nowadays, resulting in significant hesitation from investors in bidding process, especially when the projects are valued by billions or tens of billion.

This is also a reason why clients and partners of BETHODA decide to continue working with us after our first collaboration, owing to the absolute satisfaction and peace of mind established by our realistic implementation of project warranty commitment. After the project has been accepted and handed over to client, BETHODA will instantly form a quick – reaction channel that guarantees swift and efficient response to inquiry from client during the following 12 months. Besides, we will frequently dispatch staffs to visit completed project sites to observe aesthetic, durability and usage features after certain periods of time. Thanks to the sufficient management of after-sales service, all of our constructions are long-lasting with time, contributing to help client save a considerable amount of expenditure on repairing and maintenance.

Our successful collaboration with AJINOMOTO, a brand originated from Japan which is well-known for strict and picky investors, for all of their major projects in Vietnam since 2009, or the concept actualization of major players in Fashion and Shop Accessories industry such as MANGO, NIKE và NEW BALANCE, are the evident proof for BETHODA’S REPUTATION 

Ajinomoto Project (Descriptions here)


NIKE Project (Descriptions here)


NEW BALANCE Project (Descriptions here)


MANGO Project (Descriptions here)