Once the Design Phrase finishes and Construction Contract is signed with client, BETHODA will carry out the following actions

  • Produce detailed technical documentation for manufacturing purpose and implement pre-construction work at the project site.

  • Establish Project Management Board, consisted of Project Director, Production Manager at the factory, On-site Project Manager and a team of Project Supervisors.

  • Produce Project Timeline and submit to client within one week after the Contract has been signed.

  • Make presentation to client about manufacturing and constructing methods, technical specifications as well as the components of the Project Timeline

  • Purchasing Dept. starts placing order from material and equipment suppliers, at the same time, production of furniture and relevant items takes place at our factory.

  • Every department carries out the the tasks with absolute respect to to the deadlines stated in the Project Timeline approved by

The procedure of design censorship and material sample board making 

  • Manufactured materials and components are transported to the project site for Construction & Installation Phrase. On-site Project Management Team will be responsible for making weekly reports to Project Management Board, who will summarise the details and produce complete monthly reports to client.


Manufacturing work takes place under close surveillance at BETHODA Factory…

…and at projec site.


  • After construction finishes, BETHODA will make arrangement for Project Acceptance and Handover with client, making defection list (if any) and then proceed to perfect unsatisfying details requested by client (if any).

  • Finally, BETHODA will instruct client to use and operate the features and facilities of the project as to assure safety and efficiency then run test operation before offical transfer to client. We will then create a responsive communication channel to provide client with timely aid during the following 12 months.