An interior project is comprised of two main phrases: Design and Construction, these are also the two bidding packages for which every investor would undergo a thorough consideration process in order to assure their projects’ progress and quality. Depending on the nature and characteristics as well as the investing budget of the project, the investor can select a single contractor to carry out these two packages, or distribute them among two separate contractors: one specialised in creating the design, and the other one focused on turning the design into an actual building.

 One of our designers in the process of developing a project’s concept


The sequence and also our major of interior design are as follows:

  • Initial overall conceptCreating suggestions for overall layout and making a number of 3D renderings for specific views within the area, based on client requests. In this stage, it is greatly crucial to firmly get a hang of client’s ideas and then effectively combine them with oneself’s accumulated knowledge and experience. With a well-established team whose skills are sharpen via professional training courses and a variety of projects, we are confidently positioning ourselves among top interior firms that are highly capable of analysing and responding to client’s requests. Our clients will benefit from a significantly shortened project length and expenditure.

  • Concept presentation: In this very next step, our team presents to client on how we interpreted the content discussed, compared with similar exising concepts to produce an inspiration for our own solutions for layout arrangement and 3D rendering of key areas. The presentation can be done via a detailed set of documentation in a direct appointment with client, once again, this depends on the complexity of the design and client’s request.

  • Develop detailed design: After making adjustments (if any) on initial concept and receiving approval from client, BETHODA will proceed to develop the concept into a completely detailed set, including FITOUT (wall & partition, floor and ceiling), M&E (lighting system, electric and water cables), Furniture (tables, chairs, sofa, beds). 3D renderings of the whole area will also be included with in the complete documentation. 

  • Final design completion:  According to client’s feedbacks from the previous stage, our Design Dept would work closely with them to produce final adjustments (if any) to the detailed design set, before proceeding to get final approval from clients as a prerequisite for Construction Phrase. 

BETHODA Team presents to client the intitial design concept (Stage 2)

Our expertise: With 15 years operating in the industry, our team has experienced a diversified range of projects. Within the scope of the recent 5 years, we have set our sole focus and priority on three main project categories: Office, Hospitality (Hotel, resort, restaurant) and Shop & Showroom, not to include most recently, modern gym centers. Quality of our designs have received significant evaluation from clients and partners, resulting in chains of projects scattered throughout the country.