This is an indispensable component in the actualisation progress of any project. Depending on the nature and characteristics of the projects, Consulting and Investigation work may take part together or seperately.

1. Consulting

This phrase might happen more than once during a project’s duration, depending on the time when the contractor joins the project.

  • Case 1:

The contractor joins the project in the very first initial stage, when all it has is the civil architectural drawing (civil work details), or civil construction has just been (nearly) accomplished. The contractor shall then, base on the provided architectural details (and data received from Investigation phrase), together with requests from client on styles, facilities and using purposes as well as principles of aesthetic, durability and price, to provide the most appropriate suggestions for the overall concept. After both parties reach a mutual agreement on a previously discussed set of characteristics for the design, the contractor would proceed to create overall internal layout of the venue, together with a number of 3D renderings of some specific views of the project.

The contractor shall then take preference of client’s feedbacks on the initial design concept and respond to inquiries regarding construction possibility as well as manufacturing & building expenditure, durability of the items then provide suggestions for the details that client wants to adjust (if any). After this, the contractor will proceed to make adjustments to the design according to the discussed and agreed terms. The editing phrase can take place more than once, depending on the project type, for example: The design for a 5-star hotel/ resort/ restaurant would usually include more time and details for designing and making adjustments than that of an office project.

Once the final design is approved by client, the contractor will proceed to make construction documents and once again consult to clients, but this time, about construction methods.  Manufacturing work and worker arrangement will take place immediately after client makes confirmation on construction documentation.


  • Case 2:

The contractor joins the project when the project has already been designed by another contractor, in this case, consulting work will be restricted within Construction area. The details of the design profile would be studied meticulously, including the scope of work and specifications of materials and manufacturing & constructing technology before providing client with a detailed brief of the construction expenditures.

Based on the feedback from client and the contractor’s expertise, necessary changes will be implemented on the existing design to foster construction phrase, followed by the production of construction documentation as described in Case 1.


  • Case 3:

Projects that have been put into operation would gradually become degraded or out of date after a certain period of time, the investor would therefore, contact the contractor for the Bidding of Renovation work. This kind of demand is quite common these days, especially in the categories of Office Buildings and Hospitality (Hotels, resorts and restaurants). The procedure in this case is mostly similar to what described in Case 1, however the Contractor would probably need to redraw the project’s Overall Layout before proceeding to design Phrase, as the original version of this file might be no longer accurate after years of operation, the interior arrangement could have considerably changed compared to the initial state.


2. Project Investigation

This is a critical phrase prior to producing design/ construction solutions. Inappropriate investigation might result in a design that does not fit with the actual dimensions of the project or does not qualify in term of constructing possibility and safety. Therefore, many investors have been preferring to work with well-established contractors from the start as to avoid potential waste of time and expenditure for repetitive project investigation. In addition, quality and experienced architects would be capable of giving valuable advice to clients while implementing measurements and evaluation at the project site before bringing home the collected data for detailed research.


BETHODA Team (SCD Decor) investigates project site with clients


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