Our Projects


Client: Beegreen & Hoa Anh Dao
Project type: 5-star restaurant
Area : 2000 m2

Location: Long Hai, Baria – Vungtau Province
Duration: 20/08/2017 – 16/10/2017


Maison Clubhouse is our second project in Dream Oceanami resort chain of luxury villas. This project was assigned to BETHODA following client’s positive acknowledgement of the team’s capability to closely follow project timeline as well the ability to build and create details exactly as designed

The workload of this project is considerably heavier than the first one plus being located right next to the beach. Challenges to BETHODA Team not only lie in the tight deadline (lower than 45 days) but also the moisturous, windy and salty environment, as well as draconic weather condition during rainy season while the building’s cover system had not yet been completed.

This was also the very first time that BETHODA accepted to start the construction parallelly with the Fitout Contractor, in other words, proceed to install interior categories while walls and roofs of the building were still unfinished. This was a risky move as the quantity of furniture in this project is huge and vunerable to water and moisture. Being aware of this, we have sent the most skilled experts and workers to take charge of this project, all to satisfy the need for early operation and opening from client.